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I specialize in crafting explainer pages, templates, blog posts, and other technical content that's as clear as crystal – even your grandma will get it.My secret sauce? A dash of clarity, sprinkled with real-life experiences and just a hint of humor. Because let's be honest, technical documentation doesn't have to be boring.


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Overview: This is an article on my Hashnode blog about how frontend developers who are fairly new to DevOps can increase their productivity. I decided to write it after noticing that there is not much beginner-friendly content on this topic.
The biggest challenge I faced in creating this article was finding real-world concepts to describe DevOps as it was still a new topic for me. I eventually overcame it by creating my own definition and comparing it to universal themes such as having a close friend.
. Won CoCode's Feburary Blog-a-thon challenge

Overview: This is a freeCodeCamp article on how technical bloggers can use open source projects to gain experience in writing documentation. I decided to write this post to demystify the misconception that writing blog posts is the main way to gain technical writing experience.
The biggest challenge I faced in creating this article was finding examples of open source projects, especially those outside of my existing knowledge base, that have a strong documentation presence. I overcame it by asking colleagues in the open source community.
. Won freeCodeCamp's 2023 Publication Award

Overview: This is a blog post on how open source beginners should effectively collaborate with other contributors. I decided to write this piece after noticing that there has not been any content on this topic
The biggest challenge I faced in creating this post was describing the different styles of paired programming. I overcame it by asking myself, "What would you like to know as a beginner?".
. Won's Code Newbie Badge
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